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Due to all our precautions, we are very happy to report since  re opening the clinics on the 8th June  2020 we have had zero cases of Covid19 within our clinics or patients who attend.  

We use the highest  PPE protection and being  front line health workers have had our Covid19 vaccination.


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Relief from Headaches

If any of your questions are not answered here, please email or call us on the details above.

Everyone has headaches. They are a common part of the stressful lives we lead in this modern world.

You don't have to suffer though. We can help you right now, today.

Our approach and experience in addressing the many causes of headaches and migraine will help you in your daily living with such a painful condtion. We believe it is important for you to fully understand the reason for your personal headache. We have spent time working with the UK's leading headache experts at the National Migraine Centre in London and are actively involved in research with the UK's leading academics. During your appointment, we will spend time explaining how you came by the headache and how you will additional be able to help your self. These conditions are multi factorial and can require lots of little changes to change the intensity and frequency of pain.

Headaches and head pain can be felt in a variety of areas around the face and head. They can be the result of physical or emotional stress and anxiety, or can be a sign of a more serious condition. The pain can be especially severe and range from specific locations to wide bands of pain and discomfort around the head. Headaches can become so severe that you may experience nausea or difficulty seeing.


There's no need for an outside referral when visiting us, although we may when necessary liaise with your general practitioner. We will place you at the center of attention where our only focus is to provide you with answers to your questions, relief and comprehensive treatment options. All of our treatments are non medication based, so can be used along side or as an alternative to long term drug use which is so often the answer by tradional medical approaches. Treatments are approved by BUPA, PPP, and all healthcare companies.


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