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Due to all our precautions, we are very happy to report since  re opening the clinics on the 8th June  2020 we have had zero cases of Covid19 within our clinics or patients who attend.  

We use the highest  PPE protection and being  front line health workers have had our Covid19 vaccination.


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Osteopathy Treatments

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Take My Pain Away - experts in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the body. Leaders in pain and stress reduction.

All treatments carried out by us are gentle, enabling you to carry on with your daily activities post treatment. Treatment modalities vary for each client and condition, but we will inform you of all the treatment options open to your individual problem.

Osteopathy: Consists of massage, muscle release techniques, stretching of restricted tissues, specific strengthening of weak muscles, soft tissue and joint articulation, joint manipulation, and muscle energy techniques. These all help restore back, neck, or other painful areas to your required health level.

Acupuncture: Take My Pain Away use western style acupuncture, also known as intra muscular stimulation. This involves stimulating directly the point of pain to promote a local healing response. This is extremely effective and very useful when dealing with acute and long-term pain. It has an ability to instantly desensitise your painful area so that treatment can be completed more comfortably.

Cranial Osteopathy: Postgraduate training qualifies us to practice using cranial techniques which focuses on the bones, fluid and membranes within the cranium. Cranial osteopathy is not different to osteopathy; it simply recognises the importance of the subtle mechanics at work within the skull, and its profound influence on the health of the whole body. This form of osteopathy is particularly effective for the treatment of stress, headaches and back pain.

Take My Pain Away. Excellence in treatment and prevention.