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Due to all our precautions, we are very happy to report since  re opening the clinics on the 8th June  2020 we have had zero cases of Covid19 within our clinics or patients who attend.  

We use the highest  PPE protection and being  front line health workers have had our Covid19 vaccination.


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Neck Pain

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The neck supports the head, provides passage for blood vessels between the head and body and provides critical support for the spinal cord and brain.  The neck is also an area of common injury and pain.  If you are experiencing neck pain or discomfort, we will be able to help you. 

Injury or stress can cause damage to the bones and discs in the neck, causing pain, discomfort, numbness and or tingling sensations to the face or arms.  The neck also has many muscles and connective tissues,  injury, stretching, spasm or strain can cause pain and discomfort in these tissues and in other areas like the arms and back. 

It takes expert medical care and attention to diagnose the cause of neck pain.  

If you experience pain in the neck or shoulders, numbness or tingling in the arms, or weakness of the arms or hands, you more then likely have some form of cervical spine dysfunction which will require expert attention. Sudden injury from sports or accidents, herniated discs, blood vessel damage, pressure on the spinal cord, stress, poor posture, natural aging, and too much exercise can produce neck pain. 

Take My Pain Away are experts. We will be able to explain to you the causation and relieve you from your neck pain.

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